Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883

Iron 883 is an 800cc variant of the legendary Harley-Davidson Sportster series. Harley Davidson Sporster started its journey in 1957, and still ruling the streets with its great variants. The Harley Davidson Iron 883 is one of the few categories or Roadsters that are still being produced with the retro styling.

There is no entry level Harley – Mostly, all of them are heavy and powerful bikes. But, comparably, the Iron 883 is a better entry level option for the beginner Harley fans. Not because of the displacement and the power, but it is all about the ergonomics and weight.

Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 – The Beauty

Harley’s have always been renowned for their style – and the Iron 883 is a fresh blend of modern technology and classic styling!
The bike can be defined as a mixed variant of cruiser and retro bike – because the styling of this bike has been stripped to basics but it also has modern features and modern engine. The classic V-twin engine and dual exhaust system gives the bike a really charming looks – and with the solo seat, it becomes a better Harley than many of its competitors!

Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 –The Heart and Soul

Harley Davidson is always known for heavy engines – and this variant is not different. The bike is powered by a 883cc V-twin engine where its name came from. The engine produces a massive torque of 54ft/lbs @3750 rpm, which is enough to rip through the streets without any hesitations. The power is sent to the rear wheel via belt, and it works perfectly fine like its older brothers!
The engine is air cooled and fuel injected for hassle free cruising or commuting. In the old days, the rider had to mess around with the carburetor, but not anymore! The black coated engine also adds a great attention to style in the overall beauty.

Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 – The Ergonomics

The ergonomics of this bike is great for any beginner Harley rider. It has the acceleration one would expect from a modern engine – but it also has the sound which is music to every motorhead’s ears.
The suspension of this bike is farm – but not too harsh. It is equipped with Michelin tyres to unleash the full power in the tarmac. It has a great braking system – 300mm disc with dual piston caliper in the front and 160mm disc with dual piston caliper in the rear. Though the power, suspension and the braking are not up to the 1200cc Harleys, it is one of the best in the zone.

Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 has some really great color scheme under its name – the most popular one is Black Denim, but there are more variants like the Charcoal Denim, Olive Gold, and hard Candy Hot Rod Red Flake.

Harley Davidson has always been about the old, muscular styling with a great engine – and The Iron 883 is no different. It may be one of the most affordable Harleys, but it still is a real one.

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