Harley-Davidson Sportster Superlow 1200T

The Superlow has been around for a long time – the idea behind that is really simple – to give every Harley fans the experience that they dream of. The Superlow 1200T takes the game even up a notch!

Though the Harley-Davidson Superlow 1200T is not considered as a tourer, it is a clear all-rounder in all of the fields. As this has the same chassis of the Superlow 883, it gets almost all of the riding ergonomics of that classic. The Superlow 1200T is built for the long distance running with more power.
The Superlow 1200T features extras like a 14 inch windshield, saddlebags, better legroom, double touring seats, and floorboards. The Superlow 1200T has more ground clearance than the smaller variant to handle every type of road – though not enough. It features a seat height of 26 inch which makes it lower than most of the bikes in the segment and it automatically lose the place of the best 1200cc tourer.

The 1200T has the same classic V-twin engine which has a big displacement of 1202 cc. The old style carburetor is gone; this engine now features Fuel Injection system. This means the end of messing around with carburetors for the Harley riders and also means a better performance and better mileage. The engine is air cooled, which provides hassle free everyday riding. Though the 5-Speed gearbox may seem like a little low, but it handles the power output perfectly. Like most of the Roadsters, this bike is belt driven.

Like other bikes, Harley Davidson did not provided ABS as standard in the Roadster Superlow 1200T. The bike has 300mm disc brake in the front with dual piston caliper and 260mm disc brake in the rear. Along with the 39mm forks in the front and adjustable suspensions in the rear and with Michelin Scorcher tires, the bike provides more than enough confidence in the braking.

The bike has a lot of power, but it is also really heavy. The curb weight of the bike is 599 pounds, which is a lot! But as it has the horses to run the body, this weight provides more stability in high speed. Moreover, the narrow and low seats make this bike a really gem in terms of controlling in the segment. The narrow frame and narrow nose seats provides a really great agility in both high and low speeds. From city to highway, this bike provides tremendous performance.
The most interesting thing about riding the Superlow 1200T is the foorboards. There are footboards instead of footpegs. And therefore, the rider will definitely feel better comfort and better control while riding the bike.

The Harley Davidson Roadster Superlow 1200T is a ride dedicated for Harley fans who have been a real fan of the Superlow. The bike is built on the same chassis but built in a better way to provide a better result in power, performance and comfort.

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