DB Electrical SHD0004 Starter Compatible With/Replacement For Xl Harley Sportster Roadster Buell Black 1.4KW 1980-2012…

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Specs: Unit Type: Starter, Voltage: 12, Rotation: CW, Teeth: 9, KW: 1.0, Starter Type: OSGR
Compatible with/Replacement for Arrowhead: SHD0004, ALL BALLS: 80-1009, ARROWHEAD (OEM): ND128000-8456, BARSANCO: 610-002, 610-082, CARGO: 111838, DENSO: 128000-8450, 128000-8451, 128000-8453, 128000-8456, DIXIE: S-8955, HARLEY-DAVIDSON: 31390-86, 31390-91, 31390-91A, 31390-91B, 31390-91F, 31391-91, 31391-91A, 31533-81, HI LEVEL: STHD004, J & N: 410-52496, LESTER: 17632, 18200, 18477, PIC: 190-341, 190-414, 190-459, TUCKER ROCKY: 46-3056, WAI: 2-2170-ND, WILSON HD: 91-29-5410, WILSON: 91-29-5410
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Starter For Harley Davidson Xl Sportster 12Cc 2-1999, Xl Sportster 883Cc 2-1999, Xl Sportster Anniv. 12Cc 1993, Xl Sportster Custom 12Cc 1996-1999, Xl Sportster Custom 883Cc 1999, Xl Sportster Custom Anniv. 12Cc 1998, Xl Sportster Deluxe 883Cc 1993-1995, Xl Sportster Hugger 883Cc 2-1999, Xl Sportster Sport 12Cc 1996-1999, Xl12 Sportster 40-Eight 12Cc 211, Xl12C Sportster Custom Xl 12Cc 21-29, Xl12L Sportster Low Xl 12Cc 21-211, Xl12N Sportster Nightster Xl 12Cc 21-211, Xl883C Sportster Custom 883Cc 29, Xl883C Sportster 40-Eight 883Cc 21, Xl883L Sportster Low 883Cc 21-29, Xl883L Sportster Super Low 883Cc 211, Xl883N Sportster Iron 883Cc 21-211, Xlc Sportster Custom 12Cc 2-28, Xlc Sportster Custom 883Cc 2-28, Xlh Sportster 11Cc 1986-1987, Xlh Sportster 12Cc 199-1992, Xlh Sportster 1Cc 1981-1985, Xlh Sportster 883Cc 199-1992, Xlh Sportster Deluxe 883Cc 199-1992, Xlh Sportster Hugger 883Cc 199-1992, Xlh Sportster Liberty 11Cc 1986, Xll Sportster Low 12Cc 26-28, Xll Sportster Low 883Cc 25-28, Xln Nightster 12Cc 27-28, Xlr Sportster Roadster 12Cc 25-27, Xlr Sportster Roadster 883Cc 22-28, Xls Roadster 1Cc 1981-1985, Xls Sportster Sport 12Cc 2-23, Xlsa Roadster Anniv. 1Cc 1982, Xlx-sixty one 1Cc 1983-1985, Xr1 1Cc 1983-1984. 12 Volt, Clockwise Rotation, 9 Teeth, 1 Kw, Osgr Starter Sort. Replaces Denso 128000-8450, 128000-8451, 128000-8453, 128000-8456; Harley Davidson 31390-86, 31390-ninety one, 31390-91A, 31390-91B, 31391-ninety one, 31391-91A, 31533-eighty one
Underneath Full Load Stipulations, amperage output at 1200 engine rpm will peak at 200 Amps
Underneath Full Load Stipulations, amperage output at 600 engine rpm (idle) will peak at 100 Amps
Premium High quality From DB Electric
One Year Guaranty

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